Snips Platform

What is the Snips Platform?

The Snips Platform is a software solution powering Private-by-Design voice assistants. Businesses or individuals, anyone can set up the Snips Platform on a single board computer (for example: a Raspberry Pi 3, an i.MX8M board, an Android or an iOS device), and install a voice assistant on it.
Snips runs on a variety of platforms, including Raspbian, Android, iOS, macOS, and most Linux flavours.
Once the platform is set up, and the assistant is installed, the voice assistant can be triggered by using a wake word of choice, and calling out one of the apps the assistant is meant to handle:
"Hey Chef, find an Sicilian pasta recipe with aubergine and garlic."
What is very special about Snips is that your assistant will be able to understand what you mean, however you formulate it. This is called Natural Language Understanding. The objective is to completely transform the way we interact with technology, using voice as a universal interface. It's the same kind of experience that new devices as Amazon Echo or Google Assistant offer, with the important difference that none of your voice gets sent to the cloud. 100% of the machine learning algorithms required to transform your voice into actionable information runs fully on your device. This is what we call Privacy by Design. Apps can be selected from our app store, available on the Snips Console. Pick all the apps you need, train and download the assistant file, and launch it on your device.
If you don't find the app you need on the app store, you can use the Snips Console to build your own. It starts by defining the use cases you want the assistant to handle. We call these use cases intents. For each intent, you can manually provide examples to train the Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) algorithms, or use our Data Generation solution to automate the process. You can then code the logic of your assistant in the Console directly, in a Github repo, point to an existing Home Assistant component, or manually set up your bindings. You are then ready to deploy a fully functional voice assistant!
An example execution sequence in a voice interaction.

About this Documentation

You will find some Getting Started guides for getting you up and running with Snips on various supported platforms. In-depth Guides for each platform allows you to go deeper on specific topics, such as Hardware Recommendations or Home Automation platforms. Sample Apps are provided for each platform. In-depth Reference articles document various APIs. Finally, Troubleshooting and FAQ articles should help you through issues you may encounter.
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