Raspberry Pi FAQ

How can I get multi-room running?

Please follow the instructions in the following article:
A member of our community has also written a near library to quickly set up a satellite configuration. Make sure to check it out!

How is audio transmitted from the satellite to the Raspberry Pi 3?

The default audio is plain but MQTT can now be configured to use encryption. Check /etc/snips.toml and the Platform Configuration article.

Does Sam install an MQTT broker on my device?

Yes,sam init installs the Snips Platform as well as all dependencies. Manual install does the same.

I can’t find my Raspberry using sam devices although I see it on my network

sam devices **is a really lightweight network scan. If you don't see your device, don't panic. The default hostname of a new Raspbian image is raspberrypi**. Try running sam connect raspberrypi.

Some words aren’t recognised properly, why?

The default ASR recognises only the words that are present in your training exemples, try adding more of those words in your training exemples, do not forget to 'save' and retrain your assistant.

How can I have some specific TTS response to a matched intent?

Simply follow this set-actions tutorial.

How can I update my apps on a Raspberry Pi?

To update your apps on a Raspberry Pi, open a terminal window and type:
sam update-assistant
If you wish to reinstall your apps from the snippets already present in the assistant, type:
sam install actions

I tried to deploy my assistant using sam install assistant -<name_of_your_assistant> and I get this error:Error: Language model training error: URLSearchParams is not defined

You need to update your Node version. Node needs to be at least V7.5.0 for Sam to work.

Can I extract the training examples of each intents?

Yes you can export the training examples of each intent in the console:

How can I change the TTS voices?

Install snips-makers-tts with sudo apt-get install snips-makers-tts and check the output of snips-makers-tts -h to see all TTS options. You can specify a voice file.
Please note that depending on the language you want, you may not have much choice for offline voices.

Can I disable Snips Audio Server?

Yes you can, simply run these commands: sudo systemctl stop snips-audio-server or sudo systemctl disable snips-audio-server. However this will also turn off all audio streaming from the microphone.

How can I reinstall Snips directory to /var/lib?

You can run sudo apt-get --reinstall install -y snips-platform-voice

I just updated Snips to the latest version and nothing seems to be working, why?

Have you updated your assistant? If not, go to the console, re-train it before downloading and installing it again, this should solve the issue. You can also retrain it with Sam:
sam update-assistant

I have an Error 111

If you get the following error:
snips-nlu.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
snips-nlu.service: Unit entered failed state.
snips-nlu.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.
ERROR:snips_asr: Could not start MQTT client
raspberrypi snips-asr[5544]: -> caused by: Connection refused (os error 111)
you can run those following commands to fix it:
sudo systemctl stop mosquitto
sudo sed -i -e 's/persistence true/persistence false/' /etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf
sudo rm /var/lib/mosquitto/mosquitto.db
sudo reboot

I'm editing the feedback sounds but the volume feedback is low, why?

If you want to access the feedback sounds you can go to /usr/share/snips/assistant/custom_dialogue/sound and add your new sounds. Make sure that it is a 16 signed Bit wav file otherwise volume will be low (you can convert your wav file into 16 bit with tools like Audacity).

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