Terms of Use Highlights

Last updated: June 2019

You must read and agree to our Terms of Use and Snips documentation. However we’ve also provided these few highlights for your convenience.

You are freely allowed to do the following for non-commercial use:

  • Access and use the Snips Console in order to create intents, produce data sets, train models, and/or produce parameters, and

  • Integrate, install and/or use the Snips Software on a hardware device, an application, a hardware platform and/or an operating system.

You can use the Snips Console for internal prototyping and demos. If you’d like to showcase Snips publicly or use Snips commercially in any other way you will need to get in touch with our Enterprise Team at LetsTalk@snips.ai.

If you plan on using the Snips Software publicly, please make sure you read the Personal Data section of our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy in detail, as they contain important information on how end users’ personal data may be collected.

The Snips Console gives you the option to activate a few data analytics options allowing Snips to benefit from technical usage data about end-users. Snips only uses data to make its software better and prevent fraudulent use, and we provide options so you can opt-in or out at any time before you deploy the software.

If any of the data collection options are activated when you deploy the software, make sure you inform users and refer them to our Privacy Policy.

We follow EU consumer law. French law applies to the Terms of Use. Any claim will be litigated in the Paris Court of First Instance.

If you sign up in a professional capacity, you understand that these terms apply to your company.