Troubleshooting Common Issues

Troubleshooting Common Issues

I have installed an app, Snips detects my hotword but doesn't answer anything after my question, why?

First and foremost, keep in mind that an app must have at least one action assigned to it to perform any response to voice input, please read that part of the Actions documentation. If there isn't any actions linked to the app, you will have to write your own and make it speak.

Snips can only answer if:

For an overview of a complete app and how it handles scripts, you can check this tutorial made by a community member and if things are still unclear, feel free to read this other tutorial also made by a community member


Before anything else, please start with this step first!

1) Check if packages are installed correctly with

dpkg -l | grep snips

2) Check if you have an audio configuration

cat /etc/asound.conf
It will output something close to this \(if you have the default audio configuration\)
pcm.!default {
type asym
playback.pcm {
type plug
slave.pcm "hw:0,0"
capture.pcm {
type plug
slave.pcm "hw:1,0"
Additionnaly, check if audio devices have the correct configuration with `arecord -l` `aplay -l` \(device, subdevice number should be replicated in `asound.conf` in place of `hw:1,0`

3) If you have another application using the audio, it could potentially block the access to the audio device.

See if you can record / play audio with arecord / aplay

4) Check if your assistant is installed correctly in /usr/share/snips/assistant/ :

It should contain this :
|-- assistant.json
|-- custom_asr
| |-- a.snips
| |-- b.snips
| |-- config.json
| `-- w.snips
|-- custom_dialogue
| |-- sound
| | |-- config.json
| | |-- end_of_input.wav
| | |-- error.wav
| | `-- start_of_input.wav
| `-- speak
| |-- de.json
| |-- en.json
| `-- fr.json
|-- custom_hotword
| |-- config.json
| |-- model.pb
| `-- thresholds_curve.json
|-- dataset.json
`-- trained_assistant.json

5) Check that all services are active and running:

systemctl status 'snips-*'

For a shorter version:

systemctl status -n 0 'snips-*'

6) If a service is not running or continuously rebooting, then you can check its logs with:

journalctl -f -u <snips_service_name>

7) If the error is not clear from the output, stop the service and launch it manually, it will output more precise info (here snips-asr):

sudo systemctl stop snips-asr
snips-asr -vv
Don't forget to relaunch the service once you're done fixing it:
sudo systemctl start snips-asr


apt-get fails

  • server is down (unlikely), try again later

  • gpg-key couldn't be downloaded, try another server (cf doc for this) or just try again

  • we could be updating the platform at this time, try again in a couple of minutes


If you have an already working MQTT installation on the same device or on the network, you can point Snips to it by editing `/etc/snips.toml` `[snips-common]` section. Don't forget to relaunch the whole platform or the corresponding service when you finished editing the file.

No audio, no mic

If you use a specific mic \(microphone array or something fancy\) check with the manufacturer if you need to install specific drivers. Check if your mic is recognized with `arecord -l`
  • check asound -l for speakers device,subdevice

  • check arecord -l for mics device, subdevice

  • check /etc/asound.conf to have the corresponding hw:<device,subdevice>


Updating snips-platform can also trigger system packages update or update your local distribution. It can render other parts of your setup unstable, microphone mainly. **Be advised**.
We could also update the `/etc/snips.toml` format. During the apt update, the system will tell you about this.

Need more help?

Our Community and the support team will be glad to help on our Forum.