Creating Actions in the Console

The Console is the web interface you’ll use to create a Voice Assistant, add Apps(s) to it from the apps store, or create them from scratch if you wish to.

So you might wonder what an Assistant, a App, an Intent and an Action is. Let’s see!

An Assistant is what enables you to control a device using voice. It is composed of a set of apps.

A ‘Smart House’ Assistant with a set of ‘Lights’, ‘Thermostat’ and ‘Hoven’ Apps for instance.

An App enables a device’s software to both understand the users’ intention (Intent) through their voice command and trigger the expected behavior (Action) on the device. An App requires training examples in order to start understanding specific voice commands.

For instance, queries’ examples with many different ways of expressing a voice commands to switch on the lights, such as: ‘Please switch on the lights’, ‘I need the lights on’, ‘I want to turn on the lights’ or ‘Lights on please’. An App also requires code to set the Action once the Intent has been processed.

This isn’t as complex as it might sound. Let’s dive into it step by step!