Creating and Deploying your Assistant

A voice assistant is what enables you to control a device using voice. It is composed of a set of apps. For instance, a 'Smart House’ assistant may have a ‘Lights’, ‘Thermostat’ and ‘Oven’ apps for instance. On the other hand, an app has the responsibility of understanding the user intention when using voice commands and to trigger the expected behavior, an action, to fulfill the intention of the command.

In order to create a voice assistant you will need to use the Snips console. From there you can add apps(s) to your assistant or create apps from scratch if you wish to.

In the following articles we will see step by step how to create an assistant and how to deploy it your device.

Video Tutorials

If you prefer to follow along with a video, we have a prepared a video tutorial covering the most basic steps (Create your Account, Add Apps to your Assistant, Deploy your Assistant) to create an assistant with some apps deployed to your Raspberry Pi.

Create & Deploy your Assistant