Debug your actions

How can I debug my snippet?

Check the logs of the snips-skill-server. It will show you if your app has any issue while running.

Why is my action not running?

  • Check if actions are present in /var/lib/snips/skills

  • Check if they aren't crashing due to a code error by opening the snips-skill-server logs with journalctl -u snips-skill-server

  • Try running the action without snips-skill-server

I want to access the GPIO but it's not working.

snips-skill-server restricts access to the app it's running. It is to prevent any misuse from an app that a user will use on its Pi at home. The user _snips-skills runs the apps, you'll need to add this user to the group GPIO on the Pi: sudo usermod -a -G gpio _snips-skills