Add Apps to your assistant

Add Apps

To empower your Assistant, you’ll have to add Apps to it. Remember apps are made of Intents (understand the users’ Intention from their voice query) and Actions (trigger the expected behavior from the detected Intent). Let’s do it!

If you just created your first Assistant after signing up, you should automatically be redirected to the app store.

If not, whenever you want to add apps to one of your Assistant, simply select your Assistant from the Console’s home page. In this example, click on ‘Smart House’.

And then click on ‘Add an app’

You will land on the app store. The app store lists all the apps that have been published by users (including Snips) for everyone to add to their Voice Assistant.

We are showing all the apps with actions per default. If you are looking for an app without action, simply uncheck "Only show apps with action" on the top right.

Now browse the apps’ list, find the app named ‘Smart lights’ made by Snips and click on the ‘Add App’ button (bottom of the card).

You are free to add as many Apps as you want to your Voice Assistant. In this example, we’ll only add the ‘Smart lights’ App to keep it simple. Click on the ‘Add 1 app’ button (bottom right of the page). You’ll be redirected to the Assistant Editor in which you should now see the ‘Smart lights’ App added to your 'Smart House' Assistant.

Good! You’re ready to set your App!

Edit an App

Now that you have added a App from the app store to your Assistant, you might want to customize it. Let's get into it!

You added a app from the app store, therefore it is considered as public, which means you’ll get the latest app's update and the app cannot be edited. If you want to edit it, you’ll have to ‘fork’ it. The fork consists of making a copy of the existing public app to make it private and yours to customize.

Note: Once your forked an app, you will no longer get any improvements the app's author may do in the future.

First click on the ‘Smart lights’ card from the Assistant Editor.

A modal will pop, showing various information about the app (ratings, description, intents, parameters, comments, tipping etc.). Now click on the ‘Edit App’ button.

You’ll be prompted to fork the app. Click on ‘ Fork’ to confirm.

Now that you forked the app, you can customize it by editing its Intents and Actions.