Deploy your assistant

This page has been updated but will get additional information very soon.

The installation process of your assistant is slightly different if you choose to use Sam or not. Here the two different process:

Deploy with Sam

We assume that Sam is already installed on your computer. If not, please check these steps.

From the console

First you need login to the console with your credentials:

$ sam login
Enter email used on the console:
Enter password used on the console: [hidden]

Then, you can install an assistant created with your account:

$ sam install assistant
Fetching assistants done
Choose the assistant you wish to install on the device (Use arrow keys)
❯ Weather Assistant

It will then deploy the assistant to your device and install all the actions you created.

Alternatively, you can use the id of your assistant to download it directly. You can find this id in the URL when you're connected to the console and on the assistant page, it looks like proj_xxxxx

$ sam install assistant -i proj_xxxxx
Downloading assistant
Fetching assistants done
NLU training done
ASR training done
✔ Deploying assistant to raspberrypi.local...
Checking for skills
i No skill found
✔ Snips assistant is now running. Say hey_snips to start!
i Run sam watch to see the logs

Locally from a file

You can also upload the file directly

$ sam install assistant -p <assistant_path>

Once you have the assistant installed, you can show the logs and test your assistant with:

$ sam watch

To exit, type CTRL + C

The default wake word is “hey Snips!”. The wake word is what allows triggering the device to have it listen to the command.

Say “hey Snips!” and then “Switch on the lights in the garage” You should hear “Turning on the lights in : garage” on your speaker.

If you notice some slowness when you speak, it might be because the power supply of the Raspberry Pi is too weak, in which case it impacts speed. Make sure you have enough power.

Deploy your Assistant manually (without SAM)

  • Download your assistant from the console.

Open your Smart House Assistant, click on Deploy Assistant (at the bottom right of the page). It will pop up a modal to deploy with SAM. Click on “download and install your assistant manually” to download your Assistant’s folder.

  • Copy the folder on your Raspberry Pi

$ scp <> pi@<pi-name>.local:~
  • Connect to your Pi in SSH

$ ssh pi@<pi-name>.local

From now on, the specified commands are to be ran on the Raspberry Pi, unless we specify otherwise.

  • Delete the previous assistant if there is one.

$ sudo rm -rf /usr/share/snips/assistant/
  • Unzip your new assistant in the right Pi’s folder

$ sudo unzip <> -d /usr/share/snips/

The assistant is now installed, let’s relaunch the different snips components:

$ sudo systemctl restart 'snips-*'

If you also have actions in your assistant, you'll need to Deploy your apps manually.