You can run Snips as a stand-alone (you just need one device).

Running the full platform

Raspberry Pi 3

The Snips Platform is running on any Raspberry Pi 3, using a physical power supply of at least 2.5A (this is very important, otherwise the CPU may be throttled and the performance lowered), at least 4GB SD card and Raspbian Stretch Lite installed. You can find instructions to install it here.

Alternative boards

Snips runs on other boards than Raspberry Pi's 3. For example, it can run on an IMX.7D, an i.MX8M, a DragonBoard 410c, a Jetson TX2, etc. To know more, please contact our Enterprise team.

Running Satellites

Aside from a device able to run the full platform, you can also use one or several satellite devices, less powerful, that can take the role of audio input/output interface (the audio server will run on them, and potentially the wakeword detector) in front of the main device that will process the sound for ASR, NLU, and execute the actions.

You can use as a satellite device any Raspberry Pi, even Raspberry Pi 0. This will be covered more in details in the Advanced section of this documentation.


The Snips SDK for Android requires devices with at least Android 5 and with ARM CPU.


  • Xcode 9.1 or higher

  • Target of iOS 11 or higher